29 Main Street
Harrison, Maine


MON-FRI: 5 AM - 9 PM
Saturday - Sunday: 6 AM - 9 PM
Extended Summer Hours:
Open Until 10 PM

Proud Home of the Long Lake Creamery

Accepting Job Applications Now

Opening Again in May
JoAnne Keysper

Employed Since

Favorite Food Item

Hot pastrami with American Cheese on Sourdough bread… it's not on the menu but you can order anything at the Tie Up!

Favorite Thing About VTU

We will make you any kind of sandwich or pizza you like

Favorite VTU Memory

Leaving the dock after a busy day at work to go fishing


Fishing, Gardening, Painting

Favorite Saying

Yuuuuum… that looks good!

Known For

One Word to Describe VTU

Extensive (you can get just about anything you need at the Tie Up)
Liquor pricing is controlled/set by the State of Maine. It is illegal for a State Agency Liquor store to sell liquor at a price higher or lower than the price set by the State. What does this mean… the prices at your Village Tie Up for liquor are no different than any other liquor store in the state, including large retail grocery or discount beverage stores.